In addition to prescribing herbal medicine, interventions include non - drug treatment methods to provide a holistic, integrated and effective treatment solutions 

ProMed TCM clinic emphasizes on quality assurance, and uses  

  • Nong’s (Purapharm) concentrated herbal granules, which meets Australian standard  

  • Acupuncture needles from Japan and Korea 

  • Moxa age 5 years or more  

Body Acupuncture

Body acupuncture – needle is applied to patient’s body, face and or limbs, it is applicable to many ailments in internal medicine, gynecology, dermatology and pain.  Acupuncture treatment can regulate qi or energy, and blood flow, meridian passage, resulting in alleviation of conditions and in accelerating recovery.  Acupuncture can be used independently or in conjunction with herbal medicine to achieve best result 

Acupuncture close up

Head Acupuncture

Head acupuncture is to apply needle to the head,  it is particularly effectively in the case of stroke recovery, paralysis, or ailment around head and or face,   again,  this can be applied in conjunction with herbal medicine to achieve best result 


Hot needle Acupuncture

Hot or sometimes called warm needle, is actually regular acupuncture but sticking a small piece of moxa to the needle;  through lighting up the small piece of moxa, deep heat is transmitted into the acupoint in a very focused way through the needle; creating warmth to the meridian,  facilitating better flow of qi and blood flow; this method is typically effective for cold related conditions  



Moxibustion is one of the oldest treatment method,  it is  the combustion of moxa,  and applying it either directly or indirectly (normally adding  a piece of ginger on top) to acupoints,  to increase yang energy,  creating warmth to the meridians,  facilitating better flow of “qi” or energy and blood flow, eliminating stagnant blood,  to achieve  better health 



Cupping,  is to decrease the pressure of the cup,  creating a suction effect, and in doing so, causing hyperemia and even blood stasis,  which will result in alleviating pain and discomfort of acupoints or specific parts of the body,  promoting better blood flow and metabolism  




Acupoint application is to apply finely grid herbs, mixing it with either water, alcohol or ginger juice, to acupoints, in doing so,  this is similar to taking herbal medicine orally.   Such treatment is particularly applicable to patients who have difficulty swallowing,  have poor digestion  or those do not like taking herbal medicine orally because of its bitter taste, such as children 


“TianJiu” , a popular treatment recently,  is a type of acupoint application,  where herbs of warm and hot nature are applied to particular acupoints during the days of the year where Yang energy is at its peak,  such that excessive cold element in the body will be reduced and removed  


Naval application  

Naval application,  is a type of acupoint,  applied to belly button of patients,  belly button is Chinese medicine is the place where energy originates.  Naval application enables herbal medicine to be absorbed directly through intestine,  applicable to children,  or patients who cannot swallow