Stroke Recovery/Rehabilitation 

Stroke, from traditional Chinese medicine’s perspective, is due to a variety of factors, resulting in yin and yang disruption,  energy (or “qi) & blood flow disorder leading to the onset of disease; stroke leads to many sequelae, such as the facial paralysis, paralysis, hemiplegia, wither limbs, aphsia, difficulty in swallowing, incontinence, disabling patients to have quality of life.  In treatment of stroke,  Chinese medical treatment’s early intervention is recommended,  through herbal medication, acupoint application, fumigation, acupuncture and or moxibution treatment, can help patients improve symptoms and accelerate recovery. We can provide home visit on-site treatment services according to patients’ need  

Tea Cup and Saucer

Post-surgery, Critical ailment recovery 


Due to surgery,  or undergoing relatively aggressive medical interventions such as chemo therapy or radiotherapy for treatment of carcinoma, one’s “yuan qi” or the “root energy” will certainly be harmed. Patients may suffer from conditions such as feeling weak, fatique, anemia, loss of appetite, vomiting,  dry mouth, insomnia, various pains and discomfort.  Through wholistic and integrated approach of Chinese medicine,   a combination of herbal medicine, acupuncture or moxibustion can be applied to alleviate symptoms, and support medical treatments to achieve better clinical results and to accelerate recovery. We can provide home visit on-site treatment services according to patients’ need  

Prenatal Care


To prepare for pregnancy, it is advocated that mother-to-be need to prepare her bodily condition to its optimal about 6-12 months ahead, this is to ensure higher chance of conceiving, and enabling a smooth healthy pregnancy.  But, there are also women who suffer from conditions such as infertility, and or inertia miscarriages.  A combination of taking herbal medicine, acupuncture or moxibustion through Chinese medicine treatments, can promote excretion of follicle hormones, lutein, which will improve chances of conception, implantation,  and help stabilize fetus growth during the early stage of pregnancy 

Mother with her Child
Post natal recovery


Post-natal recovery is important to mothers of all ages, according to traditional Chinese medicine, mothers’ condition is typically “weak, vulnerable with stagnant blood”, during the early months of post natal recovery, mothers often suffer from different degrees of debility, dizziness, feeling of coldness, abdominal pain, body pain, constipation, difficulty urinating, insufficient milk for breast feeding, breast leaching pain…..  A integrated approach to natural food therapy, taking herbal medicine, acupuncture and or moxibustion will help mothers recover and recuperate well   

Pediatric  Health Boosting Massage


Young children, generally under 6 years of age,  Chinese medicine believes that they have “undeveloped” qi and bodily features,  especially weaker immune system, thus, prone to lung related ailments, such as, frequent colds/flue, fever, coughs, running nose, allergic rhinitis;  or digestion related conditions such as vomiting,  diarrhea ,  loss of appetite, indigestion causing abdominal pain.  

A number of simple massage methods can alleviate mild symptoms, and also improve the physical resilience of young children in the long term, facilitating healthy growth.   Our clinician will teach parents one on one on how to implement massage effectively