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Professional | Patient Centered 

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ProMed Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, provides professional & patient centered medical service. 

We integrate TCM’s unique way of “personalized treatment”, “traditional diagnostic methods” and “natural holistic” approach, with modern western medicine knowledge, in our treatment practice.  Furthermore,  we advocate preventive care,  promoting healthy lifestyle and positive psychological mindset  

ProMed TCM clinic provides treatment service to conditions and ailment relating to internal medicine, gynecology, pediatric & dermatology.   Treatment includes prescribing herbal medicine, applying acupuncture, head acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, acupoint herbal application 


ProMed TCM clinic provides comprehensive medical treatment service to conditions and ailment relating to internal medicine, gynecology, pediatric & dermatology

ProMed TCM clinic provides special medical treatment service in Stroke recovery & rehabilitation (incl home visit), Post-surgery & Critical ailment recovery (incl home visit),  Prenatal care, Postnatal recovery,  and Pediatric Health Boosting Massage

ProMed TCM clinic applies various effective treatments to provide integrated intervention,  such as prescribing herbal medicine, acupuncture, head acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping & acupoint herbal application